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Deerfield's All Natural Chicken


Our broilers must be pre-ordered prior to processing.  We do all our own processing and vacuum seal the broiler.  Because we process ourselves the birds do not go through any extra stress of traveling to an off-site facility.   The broilers generally weigh 4.5-6.5lbs.lbs and are $7/lb.  You may specify when ordering if you prefer to pick up your broilers fresh or frozen.  Having the choice to pick up fresh broilers gives you the option to part out the chicken and freeze in pieces. I'm sure you won't be disappointed if you try our broilers.  So tender, juicy & flavorful!


  • Approx. 4.5-6.5lbs.

  • $7/lb

  • processed by us onsite 

  • cage-free and allowed to roam

  • antibiotic-free

  • no synthetic hormones



Deerfield's Humanely Raised Veal

Deerfield Farm’s veal is from bull calves born on the farm.  We feed our calves the whole milk from our cows.  Veal tends to be lighter in color and leaner than beef.  Our veal calves are raised the same as our heifer calves with space to move around.  The veal is processed at a local butcher shop and frozen in vacuum seal packages by the piece for your convenience.  


Veal is quite tender and flavorful.  We use the ground veal just as you would ground beef to make burgers for the grill or meatloaf for the family.  The chops go great on the grill or pan sautéed in butter and garlic!  Shank is great for making the traditional Italian dish, Osso Buco, or I like to roast them and then add to crockpot with water, seasoning and veggies to make a succulent bone broth with tender pieces of meat falling off the marrow bone.  Bon Appetit!

  • antibiotic-free

  • consume the raw Jersey milk

  • no synthetic hormones.

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