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Farmstead Dairy Products


Deerfield Farm dairy products are farmstead dairy products.  This means that these items are made exclusively from our own Jersey cows milk and processed on the premises.  Our beautiful Jersey cows get to graze the rolling fields during the warm months and are also fed hay from our hay fields and supplemented with some grain to balance their diets. 

All Deerfield dairy products are pasteurized with the exception of our Raw Jersey Milk.


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Raw Jersey Milk




Our Raw Jersey Milk is straight from the cow and bottled several times per week.  It is not pasteurized or homogenized.  The sweet Jersey cream rises to the top and the live enzymes and beneficial bacteria naturally in cows milk is left untouched and in its natural state.  Just shake and enjoy!

Gallon $12.00

1/2 gallon $7.00



Each week we make fresh European style yogurt with the cream on top.  You can choose from plain or vanilla.  Our yogurt contains live active cultures including probiotic cultures.  Comes packaged in quart(32oz) size containers.  Cultures include: streptococcus thermophilus, lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus, lactobacillus acidophilus, bifidobacterium longum, bifidobacterium infantis.


Plain Yogurt quart(32oz) $7.00

Vanilla Yogurt quart(32oz) $7.50





Chocolate Milk


Our chocolate milk is made with our whole Jersey milk, premium dutch cocoa, pure vanilla and sugar.  It's like drinking premium melted chocolate ice cream, a true delicacy.  Warm it up, top with marshmallows and enjoy it as hot cocoa too!


Gallon $14.00

1/2 gallon $8.00

Quart(32oz) $4.50

Pint(16oz) $3.00




This is a soft creamy fresh cheese made from our whole Jersey milk.  We offer it in plain, garlic/chive, crushed red pepper and dill flavors.  Excellent spread on crackers or put on cucumber slices for a low carb option.  Also makes a great replacement for mayo on your sandwich or wrap!


8 oz tub $8.00



Whole Milk Basket Ricotta

Our whole milk basket ricotta is not only's delicious and versitile!  This style of ricotta is firmer than most ricotta's you'll find at the grocery store.  You can slice off a slab or mix it in with other ingredients to make lasagna, gnocchi, dips...the possibilities are endless.  Because of its firmer texture, I often add an extra egg or drizzle in some olive oil when incorporating it into recipes and it works great.

Bon appetit!


1 lb tub $10.00


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