Staying Sustainable on the farm...

One main goal at Deerfield Farm is to raise our livestock in a manner that is healthy and complimentary to the environment and the animals.  Read on to learn what we do at the farm to stay harmonious with nature and best care for our ladies.


Real Cows Eat Grass!
Taste the difference in our milk.

Through the warm months of the year our cows are out on pasture daily.  New fencing that was put up in 2008 through the EQIP program that NRCS provides allows us to rotate the milk cows onto a new piece of pasture when a paddock needs rest to regenerate.  By doing this the land is not overgrazed and abused and it allows for a resting period where the grass grows more efficiently.  During dry or slower grower times the cows eat hay made with the addition of no chemical pesticides or insecticides at Deerfield.  In addition, the life cycle of potential parasites in the manure is interrupted.  The lane way that the cows follow down the hillside to their pasture is reinforced with a gravel base to prevent erosion. This system has proven very successful for us and allows the cows to harvest their own feed and spread the manure around all by themselves during warm months.  


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